Our solutions for breweries

Our solutions for breweries

Agidens has years of experience in designing, constructing and maintaining solutions for breweries. Our multidisciplinary engineering teams think along with the customer and provide safe and secure solutions, without losing flexibility.

Agidens is a robust and, above all, reliable partner for all types of automation and process solutions. Next to that, we make sure our client's assets are compliant with all applicable regulations and standards.

We offer a.o. the following solutions:

  • Wort treatment (cooling, aeration, yeast pitching)
  • Beer fermentation and maturation
  • Yeast storage and propagation
  • Beer conditioning (blending, carbonation)
  • Beer stabilisation (flash pasteurization, sterile filtration)
  • Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Agidens delivers customized solutions and takes care of:

  • Engineering (process, electrical and software)
  • Design & Construction
  • Automation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • MES
  • Maintenance

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